What Better Place..Die

Imagine you are high on a mountain,
white-out conditions,
with hurricane force winds,
dying slowly from hypothermia...

what would you be thinking?

Join Dr. Bernie Dahl as he shares his story
and the lessons he learned in ...

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire: It was truly a
"dark and stormy night," perhaps the darkest and
stormiest of my life, for I came within five minutes of death...
my death... because my rescuers were about to give up!

During the long night, as I lay waiting for rescue in
"whiteout" conditions, with wind gusts to 98 miles per hour,
and then waiting for Death,
I had abundant time to think about living...
to think about dying.

It has been said since ancient times...
that to know how to live...
one must first learn how to die.

Bernhoff A. Dahl, M.D., author, speaker, consultant, humorist,
and veteran mountaineer shares his life - threating
experience in a postive, motivational, and inspirational
message focusing on three admonitions:

Be Prepared to Die!

Have a Plan to Live!

Do it Now!


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"Dr. Dahl's book is filled with wisdom from across the ages."
Rabbi David Wolpe, Sinai Temple, Los Angles and History Channel