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              Optimize Your Life! The One-page Strategic Planner

                                                        by Bernhoff A. Dahl, M.D.



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          Synergistically merging the power of organizational and personal strategic planning, the book offers a system to define, accept, and improve one's self and their organization.



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          Optimize Your Life! The One-page Strategic Planner is a self-development system that features a program for readers to define, improve, and accept themselves. By completely the user-friendly worksheets, the reader can develop Values, Mission, and Vision Statements. Next they will define Goals, divide the Goals into component Projects, and then into specific Tasks which are addressed by a unique 10-question One-page sheet. By using the One-pages, as well as over 30 companion worksheets, readers can organize, plan, and implement Goals not only for their personal lives but for careers, businesses, and organizations.



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           Optimize Your Life! The One-page Strategic Planner adapts and simplifies the power of organizational strategic planning, which can then be applied to personal and organizational use.

           This book provides step-by-step text and user-friendly worksheets for addressing the major questions of one's life. These questions lead to other questions, answered so as to produce a personal inventory, Mission, Vision, and Values Statements, and Goals. Unlike complicated organizational strategic planning systems that are difficult to implement or even understand, and frustrating with which to work, the One-page system is simple to plan, easy to implement, and immediately rewarding.

            The unique concept is the reduction of each identified Goal into its component Projects and then into a series of specific Tasks. Each Task is assigned a One-page for its completion. This "incremental progress" approach is well-suited for planning on all levels—for personal life, career, business, and beyond. The unique One-page concept asks ten key questions to outline and evaluate the Task. By addressing specific Tasks, the user immediately gains success and, in turn, develops an interest in pursuing strategic planning further—taking advantage of the human response that success breeds success.

            Optimize Your Life! The One-page Strategic Planner is full of strongly relevant quotations and innovative graphics, and is lightened up by humorous yet appropriate cartoons and comics. The worksheets—of which there are over 30—are milestones in optimizing and planning one's life. The One-page itself may well revolutionize strategic planning as a whole.