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What Better Place to Die 

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Already several reviews have been received:

    "Dr. Dahl's book is filled with wisdom from across the ages."

            Rabbi David Wolpe, Sinai Temple, Los Angles and History Channel

"There is nothing better than an inspirational book that is combined
with a solid prescription to change your life.  This book delivers both."

Julie K. Silver, M.D., Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School 
Author, "What Helped Get Me Through: Cancer Survivors Share Wisdom and Hope."

"Vivid and exciting descriptions of Mount Washington's ferocious weather. A detailed and thrilling account of misadventure and rescue on one of the world's most dangerous

Eric Pinder, author of Life at The Top and Cat in the Clouds 
     Former Editor of Mt Washington Observatory's Windswept

"Learning to die spiritually is to let go of old habits and stale patterns of life, to be re-born again. Bernie Dahl has gathered plenty of wisdom from his learning, to share with those who are seeking metamorphic places and ways to die properly, to be renewed in everyday living."

             Chungliang Al Huang, President Living Tao Foundation
                  Philosopher and Author of Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain


"You don't have to go through an ordeal on Mount Washington to draw from the life lessons Dr. Dahl's book offers. We all need to reflect and grow from one's experiences, and Dr. Bernie's book is a wonderful tool to gain those insights".

            Tom Eastman, Reporter, The Concord Daily Sun, No. Conway, N.H."
                 Award-winning Ski Writer

 "Bernie Dahl shines with vitality, optimism, and authenticity and so does his book." 

            Lynne Kaufman, Professor, University of California, Berkeley,
                  Novelist, Slow Hands and Playwright, Shooting Simone 


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