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Preface to the Second Edition
Is This Book for You?
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The Power of Questions

Part I: Strategic Planning Overview


1. What Is Personal Strategic Planning?

Part II: The Strategy of Personal Planning
2. Who Are You? - Defining a brief personal inventory. Includes four (4) basic "Who Am I?" Worksheets.

3. What Do You Value? - Developing a personal Values Statement Includes four (4) "Values" Worksheets.

4. What Are You Doing Now? - Formulating a personal Mission Statement. Includes nine (9) in-depth "Who Am I?" Worksheets.

5. What Would You Like to Have/Do/Be in the Future? - Creating a personal Vision Statement. Includes five (5) "Visioning" Worksheets.

6. What Is Your SCOT Analysis? - Identifying your Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities, and Threats. Includes seven (7) "SCOT" Worksheets.

7. What Are Your Goals? - Selecting your specific Goals. Includes seven (7) "Goals" Worksheets.

8. What Is The One-page Strategic Planner? - Optimizing your Life with its power of focus. Includes the "One-page Strategic Planner" Worksheet; "1PSP with Scorecard" Worksheet; "1PSP Follow-up Scorecard" Worksheet; and "Hierarchy of Tasks" Worksheet for total Goal planning. Note: The second edition (Interactive Worksheets CD Edition) also has a new Worksheet, "The Ultimate One-Page Strategic Planner," our "multiple Top 10s" Worksheet.

Part III: The Tactics of Personal Planning

9. How Will You Complete Your Goals? - Implementing your personal Strategic Plan

10. What Can Help You Succeed? - Encouraging you to act



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