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Surviving, Then Thriving
AAPC Wireless Forum
Myrtle Beach, SC

Surviving,Then Thriving

Keynote Address, Bernhoff Dahl, MD
Dr. Bernie Dahl is a board-certified pathologist, author, mountaineer, and entrepreneur, who has successfully applied unique principles of organizational design, dynamics, and leadership skills to a wide range of professional and business ventures. His near-death misadventure on Mount Washington was such a deep experience, that he feels compelled, as a keynote speaker, to share his foolishness and the wisdom gained from that long night out. 
The Story: "It was truly a dark and stormy night on Mount Washington in New Hampshire.  It was perhaps the darkest and stormiest night of my life, for I came within five minutes of death, for my rescuers were about to give up. As a pathologist for almost 30 years, I had developed a close professional relationship with "death and dying"...but not with my dying...certainly not with my death.  The day's plan was simple, but the misadventure became an experience that altered my life." 
The Message: Listen and learn from Dr. Dahl as he recounts how his traumatic experience can help you regain and refocus your life, without having to go through your own near death.  The message will be: "Take charge of your personal, business, and organizational lives, lest someone else does!"


"Enjoyable and stimulating"  " Excellent!"  "Great sense of humor"

Very good presentation with vocal variety and gestures" "Easy to follow" 

"Overall it was great!"  Linda Hoover, Executive Director, AAPC


 Dr. Dahl is available for keynote presentations and workshops based on the concepts and application of the Optimize Your Life! The One-page Strategic Planner on both a personal and organzational level.

The keynotes are the classic "50-minute" presentation followed by a quesion/answer/comment period. Each attendee will be given a text/graphic outline and an optional copy of either first or second edition of the Optimize Your Life! according to budgetary limits.

The workshops may be one-half or full day and can be linked with a keynote on the same or sequential days.Each attendee will be provided with a complete workshop handout and an edition of Optimize Your Life!

Kindly contact Dr. Dahl expressing your interest in a keynote and/or workshop for your business or organization, providing baseline information about the organization


Keynotes and workshops can be linked to on-site Strategic Planning consultation by Dr. Dahl.

Dr. Dahl offers additional keynotes and workshops based on Organizational Design and Dynamics (with a focus on Synergy).

He also offers a keynote "Lessons for Living from a Mt. Washington Misadventure" via

To listen to a 30-minute interview with Dr. Dahl on New Hampshire Public Radio's Front Porch program, addressing his misadventure click here.

Speakers Bureaus: Dr. Dahl has a cordial relationship with a number of speakers bureau. For information contact.