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"Everyone needs to be strategic. My friend, Dr. Bernie,
makes it easy to understand and doinstantly!"
—Mark Victor Hansen,co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul
"This is a solid book filled with helpful information for anyone who
wants to strategically enhance their business and their life."
—Nido Qubein, author of Stairway to Success
and How to Be a Great Communicator

"Dr. Bernie Dahl wrote the book I wish I had written! ... This book is a must for anyone who truly wants to optimize his or her life ... he has prepared a fantastic life-planning system that will help anyone with a desire to get more out of life. Read it; use it; and don't loan it out (because you won't get it back)..."
—George Morrisey, author of Creating Your Future: Personal Strategic
Planning for Professionals and the Morrisey on Planning series
"Everyone is born with a range of abilities unique to him or her.
It's fair to say that these abilities are essentially your core strengths.
Dr. Bernie has written a wonderful guide on how to get the most out
of your life by tapping into vast reservoirs of talent. Armed with
this knowledge, you will be able to avoid stress and achieve
satisfaction throughout all areas of life!"
—Gary Ryan Blair,The GoalsGuy
"This book will help you sort out your experiences and dreams, assess what truly matters in your own life, and illuminate your path toward a richer and more meaningful existence. Take the first step to changing your life - get this book, develop a new life strategy, and then act on it!"
—Burt Nanus,author of Visionary Leadership
and Leaders Who Make a Difference
"If ever there was an optimistic man who knows how to optimize
every precious part of life, it is Dr. Bernie Dahl."
—Dottie Walters,author of The Greatest Speakers I Ever Heard
"In the best values clarification tradition, Bernie Dahl moves strategic planning from the board room and organizational retreat to a personal level. Optimize Your Life! is filled with numerous practical activities to help us take charge of our lives and achieve our goals."
Dr. Howard Kirschenbaum, co-author
of Values Clarification and author of
Advanced Value Clarification

"...takes you step-by-step through the process of creating the life you want to live. Do the included exercises, and you are well on your way to charting your own strategy for success."
—Laurence G. Boldt, author of
Zen and the Art of Making a Living

 "A most helpful book to energize one's inner power to succeed; full of direct, no-nonsense, good common sense and simple wisdom."
—Chungliang Al Huang, Living Tao Foundation

"Many, many people are interested in better ways of reaching their goals and will appreciate this addition to the literature of achievement ... anyone who sticks with the book and follows its instructions will certainly end up with some improvements to his or her ability to meet life's many demands."
—G. Miki Hayden, Writer's Digest Awards
Read G. Miki Hayden's extended review here!

"The book is great! ... Well-written, interesting concept, great references, and excellent use of quotes to support and clarify points throughout."
Krista Michelle Arrigo, Succeed Magazine

"I've read countless time management/getting things done/organizing your life books, and this is by far the best."
Joni Ramsay, Vanderbilt University
Medical Center

"If you want to give meaning to your life, read this book."
Edward G. Pickett, Newspaper Publisher

"Dr. Dahl has created an interesting and straightforward perspective on the value of strategic planning."
James Delamater, President and CEO,
Northeast Bank

"A method to simplify laying out the road map to one's future, even for the most recalcitrant among us."
Lawrence Peterson, CPA, President,
Torrey Consulting

"...an excellent tool to incorporate not only in the board room but in personal development classes in college even the high school … As a writer I found the short quotes succinct and the point of the chapter. As a family therapist I found the worksheets capable of being applied to individuals and families as well as large corporations. I applaud Dr. Bernie Dahl for his latest addition in helping us as Plato suggested 'take charge of our lives' corporate and personal."
—Dr. Linda C. Beattie Inlow,
author of
Becoming ME

"We have all heard it before, 'We need a strategic plan.' Dr. Bernie creates a clearly
defined, easy to read guide to optimizing your life. You can't ask for more!"

Bob Smith, President,
Quantum Medical Business Service

"Your book is thin and lightweight; however, the message is not ... the questions raised are heavyweight. The book is thought-provoking. Many times I reflected on 'what could or should have been.' The book may be thin and lightweight to carry around, but the points raised are not. Being honest with one's self in answering some of the questions is tough."
Joe Plandowski, Lakewood Consulting

"As an accountant, I am familiar with providing a 'one page' summary, hence my attraction to the book ... I had no idea of the depth of the material expressed so well yet in such simple terms."
—Warwick Suter, Queensland, Australia

"This is a get-involved book, almost a workbook, with charts and self-evaluation sections." ... "'Saluting Our Cartoonists' is unique and it is an excellent thing to do." ... "The author certainly has a sense of humor. The book is very enjoyable to read."
PMA Benjamin Franklin Awards comments

"Some people talk about management, but have never done it. Some people have
done it, without knowing how. Here is a how to from one who has done it well."
—James Navin, M.D., Hawaii

"A wonderfully honest and soul-searching book. It's a page-turner!"
Thomas Gaffey, M.D., Mayo Clinic

"Bernie provides a practical playbook filled with worksheets that will help you put into practice Sid Simon's notion that ‘It's important to value what you do and do what you value!'"
—Dr. Joel Goodman, author of
and Director of The HUMOR Project, Inc.

Amazon Reader review(s):

Excellent Strategic Plan for Self
It's often been said that one must first "get one's own house in order." This book is an amazing tool for analyzing oneself from the inner core of basic values and self image and worth. It leads one through the process of taking charge of one's life, determining short and long term goals and setting a course for attaining them. Well worth the investment of time and money. Life changing.

Great Personal Planning Resource
What a find! I have been looking for a resource on strategic personal planning for awhile now on and found this book while searching for something else. Coaching is based on the use of powerful questions and this book is loaded with them.

The book is well written and easy to read. My first read through took just under 24 hours in three sittings. Aside from the focus on personal planning, one of the added benefits of this book is the supportive material on values and visioning included by Dr. Dahl. The book provides a solid foundation for the personal strategic planning process. The worksheets at the end of each chapter are by themselves, worth the price of the book.

Potential readers should not view the One Page Strategic Plan as being simplistic. If done according to Dr. Dahl's instructions, the planning process will require some effort and a whole lot of thought. Now that I have read it through once, it is time to reread it, this time completing the worksheets!


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