A New Approach to Strategic Thinking and Planning (STP)

Strategic planning is nothing new, but practitioners of it have long realized the shortfalls of classic strategic planning.  These are completely eliminated using the revolutionary One-page Strategic Planner! and The Optimize Your Life CD Edition.  Each defined goal is divided into component projects which are, in turn, are reduced to a single-page tasks.  Through this p;rocess of separation and simplification, it can truly be said that anyone can now do STP—with immediate results instead of failures, with positivity instead of negativity.

The One-page History

Dr. Dahl has worked with classic organizational Strategic Planning for over 30 years and was well aware of the difficulty in the implementation of full-scale Strategic Planning. He realized this was due to the overwhelming complexity and size of any complete planning process.

Soon after starting his group medical practice in 1972, Dr. Dahl was impressed by the increasing complexity and competativeness in his world of pathology and laboratory medicine.To address the challenges and crises his group encountered, he created a one-page strategic plan with the acronym title:


which stood for "When It All Falls Down, I Hope It Doesn't Land On You or Me." This pared-down version of classic Strategic Planning was easy to create and implement, and led to the formal development of Dr. Dahl's classic One-page Strategic Planner in 1981. This concept was also adapted first to the challenges and, soon therafter, to the opportunities that the group encountered in "the trenches" of group medical practice as they expanded both the marketplace and marketshare in Maine and beyond.

Personal Strategic Planning

Dr. Dahl recognized that the Strategic Plan of an organization was nothing more than the merging of the personal Strategic Plans of the key people of the organization. Organizations do not have values, missions, visions, or goals, but the key people in the organization have them at the personal level.. The One-page Strategic Planner, he knew, could be adapted for personal use.

Optimize Your Life! Interactive Worksheets CD Edition is that adaptation, and has worked well for the individual as it does for the any organization, be it a small business unit of a large corporation, or a non-profit entity. Whether you want to develop your own personal Strategic Plan for your own life purposes, or whether you're part of an organizational Strategic Planning team, this book will help you understand yourself, organize the various aspects of your life, help you answer the important questions of your life, and most of all aid you in optimizing instead of maximizing your life.

In 2008 we introduced Optimize Your Life! 2008 Workbook Edition, a new format featuring a 8 1/2 by 11 inch size which offers larger worksheets in which the reader could enter data with ease and without a computer. The current plan is to publish annual updates, which will include readers' input and new ideas and developments. These editions do not include a worksheet CD, which is available as an add-on option via TrionicsUSA.